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Toubqal Marruecos, sand and stone. We are an online travel agency with extensive experience in Morocco. Our project is a response to the demands of nature and history lovers whose needs are going unmet by agencies that focus on conventional forms of travel.

Our packages are centered around two basic principles: nature, with an emphasis on physical activity, and history, with routes that enable visitors to get to know Morocco’s colonial past.

What we offer:

Walking packages

The most natural way to travel is walking calmly through nature, with time to observe and learn, letting our footsteps set our pace. Together, we will discover new paths and unique landscapes in often neglected parts of Morocco.

Historic packages

An exclusive experience that will allow the traveler to understand the most important events of Morocco’s colonial past on the ground. These itineraries will place a heavy emphasis on the historic ties between Spain and Morocco.

Combination packages

These are the best option for travelers with limited time who want to see all the different sides of Morocco. We will cover a lot of ground on routes that bring together Morocco’s diverse landscapes in a single unique experience.

** If none of our packages meets your needs, you can always have one designed according to your specifications. We can create an exclusive custom travel opportunity just for you.

Our travel philosophy

Itineraries. First comes imagination. Then comes the hard part: avoiding the temptation to do it all at once. We design out packages based on our deep knowledge of the country, and make sure to avoid the hordes of vacationers and the usual tourist traps. We will show you the authentic Morocco, the parts of it people rarely see, with authentic experiences of its landscape and its people. You can leave the details to us (and our extensive network of local contacts).

Physical activity. At the heart of all this is hiking in the mountains. But fitness is a perk, not a prerequisite. We promise to take account of your physical capacities, altitude, temperature, and duration, insuring you are comfortable the entire way. And we have pack animals at your disposal––camels or mules, depending on the destination––so all you’ll need to carry is a small backpack with whatever you need for the day.

Culture. Travel can be fun and still be cultural. On our walks, we will meet diverse populations, including nomads. Our historical routes will show the country’s rich history, and especially its long relationship with Spain. As we travel across the former Spanish Sahara and the Protectorate, you will get to know the unique urban landscape of the former colonies.

Groups. Our travel packages are designed with small groups in mind––eight to ten people, depending on the itinerary. This is to maximize your enjoyment, but also to reduce our impact on local populations and the environment.

Safety. For us, this is fundamental. You will always have a guide with you who knows the territory, is trained in first aid, and has a complete medical kit on hand. We also have logistics covered for any and all unforeseen events.

The right price. Our prices are dependent on the number of travelers. As groups have a maximum and minimum number of travelers, prices adjust depending on the group. But in all cases, we pledge to offer our customers a competitive price, and for the unique experience we provide, there’s nothing better on the market.

Our team. We will travel with you, but we also work with local guides. This means we are perfectly at home in the country––with its culture, history, traditions, and languages––and we have all the details of getting around covered for you as well.

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